Are you running out of ideas to create content? You definitely should come here!

Perhaps after so many days of confinement and so much time spending creating content for your audience, you don’t know: What to do anymore? Or maybe you took advantage of social isolation to start creating content on social networks and you do not know where to start?

We want to help you, that’s why we share with you seven ideas to create content, in this simple way you can vary the daily content or even cover the whole month with them.

1 Motivation

Everybody knows: People need motivation for everything, so for that matter: Share an inspiring video, a phrase and develop it, an animated song or whatever it is that will lift your spirits, it will surely also motivate a percentage of your audience. Do not hesitate to do so because those who remember you for this and like it, will not stop visiting you for sure.

2 Processes

Show your audience the processes you carry out to grow your personal brand or venture. This will make them see that you are real, that you are spending valuable time on what you want and what growth has been like.

3 Storytelling

Tell them an anecdote, record a video telling something of your life, you can share it on your blog or social networks. This type of content creates closeness and empathy with your followers through day to day and makes them feel part of your life.

4 Values

Surely your venture or personal brand has values, it is such a   good idea to share them with your audience, in this way they will know if they feel identified and decide to support you.

5 Tips

People love tips, whatever your target audience is, they want some tips from the field you are in, don’t forget to share them because this helps people and in this simple way It refreshes their interest in your content.

6 Answer questions

You can tell your followers to leave you a few questions, about which they have doubts or in which they  need help and make a post answering many of these or through your blog. This generates interaction with your audience and they will feel that you are there for them.

7 Review

Giving your opinion about a fact is a good idea, you can also comment on a song, a theme, a video, a series, a movie, this will show your way of thinking and perhaps they will identify a lot with you.

Plan these contents in the formats that you like the most, put them into practice and you will see how you get more traffic on your social networks, blog or YouTube channel. Remember to be patient and persevering.

If you use any of these ideas, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments.

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