The making of _tk: a new WordPress starter theme based on Twitter Bootstrap

What happened so far

New Theme Review Guidelines
As mentioned in our latest blog posts we are in the middle of a huge rewrite of our themes to meet the new WordPress Theme Review Guidelines and bring the latest webdesigen techniques into the hands of our users. For more information read this blogpost.

Remove plugin functionality
One huge issue was to remove all plugin functionality inside the theme and make separate plugins out of it. This makes sense in many ways and we started to rework the x2 theme first. Custom Community will be next.

Rethink core structure
Another big thing was to rethink the core structure of our themes. The internet is a fast changing media and it was time to build something completely new to make new ideas possible.

A new WordPress Starter Theme

We started from the scratch. With a complete new starter theme as base. And we put all our passion into building something new which will bring a fat smile in ours and yours faces. :)

A truly responsive, mobile first, ultra minimal starter theme. Just the minimum of required WordPress files and styles, but with all elements standardized and easy to use.

Based on the WordPress starter theme by Automattic
For this we decided to use the _s (or Underscores) theme from Automattic as it is the most reasonable WordPress theme to start from.

Combined with Twitter Bootstrap
We decided to integrate Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and combine it with the minimal _s starter theme.

100% clean integration, the WordPress way!
Now it’s not that easy to truly combine the power Bootstrap and _s in a 100% seamless way. Actually we wanted to be lazy and just take the cleanest starting point we could find, as there are already a few starting points of _s and Twitter Bootstrap out there. But none of these matched our need of a really clean integration.

It’s finished now!

From today you can download it and do with it what you like.
So use it to make something cool! :)

Read the blogpost Introducing the new WordPress Starter Theme _tk.

Let us know what you think!

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