New Moderation Tools in Your Hands.

Today we are very exited to show the new Review Logic version 1.1. We have added a bunch of new powerful options to create an individual workflow from the front-end easy and flexible for many use cases. You can reject posts comfortable from the post edit screen and add a custom reject message to notify the user of the reason.


New Review Logic Options

BuddyForms Moderation Settings


New Label Options

Give your review buttons a meaningful naming

BuddyForm Moderation Label Settings


New Post Meta Box to Reject a Post



New Video: Holden from Webzio Showcase the Plugin!

See this video ‘Holden @WebZio‘. He showcase all new features and guide you through the workflow and the possibilities.

We believe, the new options added to the BuddyForms Review plugin are what many BuddyForms users will make happy.

A special BIG THANKS to Holden for his contributions, feedback and especially for not getting tired to test all again and again. The latest update was a huge jump and a long BETA. Thanks for all the patience and persistence.


== Changelog ==

= 1.1 =

  • Complete rewrite. Thanks to Holden for working with me on the new version.
  • Change from form element to global form settings.
  • Make the moderation label an options array.
  • Rename BuddyForms Review to BuddyForms Moderation (Review System).
  • Rename all from review to moderation, also the plugin name (Moderation is more understandable, Review was unclear for many users).
  • Rebuild the form actions logic to work with global setting (have been a form element before).
  • Add an option to disable moderation.
  • Make it work with the latest version of BuddyForms. The BuddyForms array has changed, so I adjust the code to the new structure
  • Add new options for the review logic and workflow
  • Add new label options
  • Adjust the ajax
  • Rework the post listings templates
  • Add a ‘new post edit screen’ meta box option to reject a post and sent a message to the author
  • Create new file functions.php
  • Fixed issues
  • Clean up the code


Let us know what you think about the new version.

Your BuddyForms Team

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