New Moderation Tools in Your Hands.

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Today we are very excited to show the new Review Logic version 1.1. We have added a bunch of new powerful options to create an individual workflow from the front-end easy and flexible for many use cases. You can reject posts comfortable from the post edit screen and add a custom reject message to notify the user of the reason.


New Review Logic Options

BuddyForms Moderation Settings


New Label Options

Give your review buttons a meaningful naming

BuddyForm Moderation Label Settings


New Post Meta Box to Reject a Post



New Video: Holden from Webzio Showcase the Plugin!

See this video ‘Holden @WebZio‘. He showcases all-new features and guides you through the workflow and the possibilities.

We believe the new options added to the BuddyForms Review plugin are what many BuddyForms users will make happy.

A special BIG THANKS to Holden for his contributions, feedback, and especially for not getting tired to test all again and again. The latest update was a huge jump and a long BETA. Thanks for all the patience and persistence.


== Changelog ==

= 1.1 =

  • Complete rewrite. Thanks to Holden for working with me on the new version.
  • Change from the form element to global form settings.
  • Make the moderation label an options array.
  • Rename BuddyForms Review to BuddyForms Moderation (Review System).
  • Rename all from review to moderation, also the plugin name (Moderation is more understandable, Review was unclear for many users).
  • Rebuild the form actions logic to work with global settings (have been a form element before).
  • Add an option to disable moderation.
  • Make it work with the latest version of BuddyForms. The BuddyForms array has changed, so I adjust the code to the new structure
  • Add new options for the review logic and workflow
  • Add new label options
  • Adjust the ajax
  • Rework the post listings templates
  • Add a ‘new post edit screen’ meta box option to reject a post and sent a message to the author
  • Create new file functions.php
  • Fixed issues
  • Clean up the code

Let us know what you think about the new version.

Your BuddyForms Team

New Version 1.4.1


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