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BuddyForms 1.1 Goes Live!

With BuddyForms 1.1 our mission is to make displaying visually rich content within BuddyPress much, much easier.

BuddyForms 1.1  helps you:

  • save time – build visually appealing content faster
  • improve UX – complex made layouts easy for your members
  • deliver more value  – increase the stickiness of the content in your member areas

BuddyForms 1.1 makes the most of the latest WordPress updates in front-end content editing by providing an easy-to-use clean and intuitive interface. Now your members are quickly able to create content, link pages in complex ways, create custom forms in any theme, and mix and match content displays.


BuddyForms 1.1 – WordPress from the Front End, made even easier! The go-to Form Builder for your WordPress Member-Generated Content

BuddyForms 1.1 is now live, thanks to you! Yes, we’ve been listening to you! Thanks for all the feedback and constructive comments since we first launched this handy plugin – it’s now Themekraft’s most popular download.

With BuddyForms you can finally create posts together from the front-end.

Building on the success of the first version, we’ve been working hard making some improvements to BuddyForms’ scope and functionality, which we think you’ll like… all available on wordpress.org


The Extensions

BuddyForms Member Profiles

Make it easy for Members

BuddyForms Members allow them to write, edit and upload just about anything directly to your site – posts, images, videos & other content – straight from their BuddyPress Member Profile – quick, easy, done!

Language support –  full get text string translation to support different languages.


BuddyForms AttachPosts

Grow those Groups

BuddyForms AttachPosts- when a pre-assigned post is submitted, this handy extension automatically creates a new BuddyPress group for it and attaches that group to the post. With BuddyForms, user-submitted posts can become a BuddyPress group, with all the included functionality and endless possibilities groups can offer.

Language support –  full get text string translation to support different languages.


BuddyForms Posts2Post

Connect & Link

BuddyForms Posts 2 Posts create complex connections and post relationships across your site. From posts to pages or to users all the Posts 2 Posts Plugin functionality is in your BuddyForms Form Builder available.

Language support –  full get text string translation to support different languages.


BuddyForms Hook Fields

Hook those Fields

Hook your BuddyForms form fields via a range of options and display them anywhere you want them on your site. BuddyForms Hook Fields maintains your WordPress field types (such as links, categories, text etc.) and displays them however and wherever you’d like them to appear. All totally customizable – you decide exactly what to show and what to hide.

Also – Mail Notification: We added mail notification settings to the form builder, where you can decide which elements generate notifications and easily filter them.

Roles and Capabilities Management – you’re now able to manage these for every form separately.

Language support –  full get text string translation to support different languages.


Develop & Collaborate

We created buddyforms.com as a home for BuddyForms and for the community. A place where you can find tutorials, case studies, best practice examples and extensive documentation already, but also where you can connect with other users, share ideas, get help, leave feedback and suggest new features.

If you haven’t already, check out the BuddyForms Knowledge Base – we’re constantly adding to it, based on your feedback. Don’t be shy to ask – we count on you!

To Upgrade your BuddyForms

If you previously purchased BuddyForms, you’ll receive a notification automatically in your Dashboard whenever we release an upgrade – it will update to the latest version automatically, free of charge when you choose to do so.

To Purchase BuddyForms 1.1

If you do not have BuddyForms yet, grab it now from here.


BuddyForms – more new features are on their way…

We’re working now to bring you even more functionality with exciting new extensions for BuddyForms coming soon.

BuddyForms Workflows will generate automated responses for your member subscriptions. Enables you to review roles, comment moderation, and support BuddyPress’s Messaging Component.

BuddyForm Post in Groups will work in the same way as BuddyForms Members – it allows your users to post together within a group.

Multi-Language support – If you are interested in translating BuddyForms into your language, let us know and we say thank you with a free license 😉

Ideas and Feedback – BuddyForms is constantly improving and evolving. We have many ideas ourselves but it’s your feedback that counts most –  it’s the base of the BuddyForms success, so please keep sharing your thoughts, ideas, questions, and suggestions with us.

Thanks for working with us,

Your Themekraft Team.


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