BuddyForms – Collaborative Publishing for WordPress

We are really excited to present our newest invention:
BuddyForms. It’s just about to be released.
And it brings awesome new functionalities.

With BuddyForms you can finally create posts together, right from the front end.
No need to go to the backend, simply write a new blogpost out of your profile.

It can be a Magazine, FAQ, Bookstore,… all kind of posts or custom post types.

BuddyForms comes along with front-end creating, editing and moderation control for your users.

A drag and drop form builder helps you creating your custom forms with a few clicks.

First Release Candidate

We’re almost finished and the first Release Candidate will be available in around 1-2 weeks. And we just started to build up buddyforms.com.
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Integration with BuddyPress

You don’t need a full social network for BuddyForms to work. Only the profile component of BuddyPress is needed to give authors of WordPress a profile in the frontend for the post control.

We choose BuddyPress for BuddyForms because you can go deep into collaborative content creation with the power of groups and a social network.

But you don’t need a network. BuddyForms works out of the box only with the BuddyPress Members component activated.

Extensions for BuddyForms

It’s now a solid extendable code base. Everyone can build plugins based on it and create all kind of different frontend functionalities that people can imagine.

We are really excited to make this happen and look forward what happens in the future.

The BuddyForms Groups Extension is already there to enable a new way of creating groups like posts and have them displayed on your site like normal WordPress posts – with the power of WordPress taxonomies.

The BuddyForms WooCommerce extension is also almost finished.

Now, why we actually build this plugin?

Because WordPress needs Front End Post Control. ;-)

From the early days customers ask us for frontend posting and editing. How to have their users writing from their profiles. Or how to blog together in groups.

WordPress is known being the most user-friendly blogging platform on the planet, so many people expect it to be easy to create content together. Without the need of going into the backend. Our customers even didn’t want to allow users to go to the backend, but they want them to have the possibility to write posts, from the frontend.

Many times we created code to enable the frontend functionality. It doesn’t matter if it’s about cats, dogs, movies, products, magazines, calendars or anything. We always needed a lot of coding to make it work.

People are really missing the possibilities of front-end creating, editing and moderation control for their users. They don’t want them to have an own blog or need to go into the admin always just for writing a post.

To change this situation we wrote this plugin.

What do you think? What would you wish to see?
Let us know, leave a comment!


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