Free Version Coming Soon – And Changes In Business Model

Yes, you read right. We have decided to create a free version of BuddyForms and release it on

It just feels better to have a free version in the repository and give all users the opportunity to use BuddyForms. We have already quite a lot of free extensions in the repository and with the free version of BuddyForms you will be able to use them all.

It rounds up our GPL philosophy and is a huge step in the right direction.

The free version will be limited compared to the full premium version.

We thought a paid core plugin is more honest..

When we start we believe its more honest to have a paid core plugin than a free one and paid extension. Because you pay once and not for every new extension and functionality not included in the free version. But we needed to find out that many users really do not like it and we got bad reviews on for our free extensions because the core was paid.

Change of our Business Model to make this happen

To make BuddyForms free available we need to change our business model. We will create a free base plugin and a sell different Memberships on our site to get Premium Support, All Premium Features in a BuddyForms Pro Extension and some exclusive extensions we are building at the moment like Grid Forms, Post in Groups end many more to come.

Grandfathering in all old customers

We will of course make all old customers become the highest member level and make sure you don’t get any trouble from the changes.

Do we have a Naming Conflict?

BuddyForms sounds a lot like BuddyPress and many users get confused about it. We have thought a lot about this issue and if we should change the name. We ask on twitter and talked to some Marketing experts and came to the conclusion that we want to stay with BuddyForms.

Let us know what YOU think, we need your feedback and will always listen to you.

What Do You Think?