Integrate BuddyPress with WooCommerce New Version 3.0 released on

Perfect for marketplaces, membership sites, digital products, auction sites or any kind of subscription site!


Create a seamless customer experience and get more engagement on your site by integrating your WooCommerce store with your BuddyPress community.

Sync customer data: Show purchase history, product downloads and more in your BuddyPress member profiles. Make all customer relevant data accessible from one place. Add pages from other WooCommerce extensions right into your BuddyPress member profiles.

That allows you a quick great overview about the engagement level of your customers & users and let’s you manage your site more efficiently.


3rd party friendly plugin

You have other WooCommerce extensions? No problem! With this plugin is extremely 3rd party friendly and can add pages from other WooCommerce extensions right into your BuddyPress member profiles.

More reasons why you should use the WooCommerce Integration for BuddyPress

  1. Everything is centralized in one place. Many other plugins (including WooCommerce plugins) come with their own interface. This can be frustrating for the customers if they need to look up their payment history, downloads or user relevant data from the profile. It takes them a lot of time and effort to find it. With WC4BP this is all shown in one place one click away! Enjoy the great user experience.
  2. Secure your data! By installing WC4BP you’re aggregating all important data into the BuddyPress profile. This is very important as shop systems and 3rd party plugins change often and there might be a chance that you’re losing data that you’ve collected before. We know that Data matters in business – the plugin takes full care of it!
  3. Get to know your customer. In every business knowing your customers is key and having a great relationship with them is even more important. With WC4BP we have your back! 

Level up with version #3!

We want to celebrate our new plugin with you and are already excited to announce that with releasing the 3rd version we’re bringing it to the next level! Offering free to professional plans that give you even more functionalities for your Store! We will give you an awesome 30% discount on the original price and it’s going to be up for one week! Use coupon code version3 during checkout to get your 30%!

You are a current Customer? Your license keys are still working. If you have any problems with our new version, please shoot us a message. All current users of this Integration Plugin will be grandfathered into the new pricing plans! You will receive a reminder from us.

Push your online shop and products to a new level.

Empower your customers to become more involved and interactive with other users, your products and brand, or even let them contribute in product development.


Check out all plugin features in detail

  • Save time! No configuration needed. Just activate the plugin. That’s it!
  • Manage member data: Edit your shipping and billing address directly in your member profile and find all personal information in one place.
  • Checkout: Find your cart in your member profile.
  • Purchase history: Find your payment and downloads history in your member profile.
  • View a single purchase in the member profile
  • With your order ID you can track your order from your profile.
  • Always stay informed with the activity stream! All activities like reviews written by customers or purchases made by your customers are posted to the activity stream.
  • Manage notifications: Members can choose if they want their reviews and purchased activities to be shown in the activity stream or not.
  • It synchronizes all WooCommerce data with your BuddyPress data. If you register a new account via the checkout or add data like your billing address etc. the plugin will handle all the communication between WooCommerce and BuddyPress and keeps the data synchronized.
  • Fallback save! If you turn off BuddyPress for some reason, or the user don’t want to become a member the plugin falls back to the regular WooCommerce pages.

Helpful Add Ons:
Install Plugin WC4BP – a checkout manager

What the plugin does: Add your BuddyPress Member Profile Fields into the WooCommerce Checkout. Customize your WooCommerce Checkout field and remove unwanted fields for example “phone number” from the checkout form.

Integrate WooCommerce with Buddyforms and start making better connections with your customers all from one place! Bringing WooCommerce to a greater level has never been easier!

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