New BuddyForms version with complete improved UI and tons of new features is coming soon!

New BuddyForms with complete improved UI is coming soon with tons of new exciting features and addons. Get prepared now!

BuddyForms is evolving rapidly.

We wanted to find the ideal solution for both – developers and users.

During the development of BuddyForms we were super proud about our UI. It was fast and beautiful. But it ends up that it was not extendable as easy as it should.

WordPress already have all in place and to make BuddyForms easy to use for developers, we decided to take hands on and rebuild the UI.

The rebuild of the UI was a great chance to rethink logic and improve flexibility. I think we made 99% possible of what users ask for in the support during the rewrite.

From form usage to post listings. All got a rethinking.

Now it’s time to show of our work and get your feedback.

We are super excited about the new UI and hope you like it us much as we do.

It’s still time to tell us what you think and what we should change before the final release. Did we miss some points?

Never use a beta on a live site. Its only for testing.

Some other great news:

  • We have two new extensions ready for testing in the beta package.
  • Advanced Custom fields
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions
  • Extension in Development
  • Vendors Stores
  • BuddyPress Groups

From the absolute beginning our goal was to make posting in Groups possible with just one click.
It took us two years to build BuddyForms and prove its concept. We knew in the beginning that we will rewrite the core 3 times before all is in place and that we needed to wait for building the Groups component until we’ll know all is ready.

This is happening right now. And after the final version release of this upcoming version, we will start building the Groups component.

We will write about the Groups component development with links to github in a separate post.

We hope you enjoy the new version. It would be super cool if you find the time to test it a bit and write us a line.

The documentation will get updated during the beta.

Many thanks,

Your BuddyForms Team

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