New Version of WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration – WooCommerce 2.1 Ready

We just released the new version 1.3.5 of WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Plugin which is WooCommerce 2.1 ready.

  Update from 28. February 2014: Just uploaded a quick fix update! Newest version is 1.3.7


Connect your WooCommerce online shop with your BuddyPress social network today!

Create a seamless customer experience on your site and get more engagement.

Download the plugin here

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WooCommerce 2.1 Ready

WooCommerce dropped most pages and changed the logic to use endpoints instead for the different views. A lot of things had to be reworked due to these big changes in the WooCommerce software.

But don’t worry – the WCBP Integration Plugin works seamlessly with 2.1 now.


  How was your update to 2.1? Let us know your experiences!


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  1. do not know if I am updating prematurely but, every time I update is still says 1.3.4 and that an update is still available. I even tried to delete and upload. My last idea is to use FTP or possible plugin conflict that is stopping the update to going to 1.3.5