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WordPress is about blogging. Blogging from the back-end.

We were in need of a flexible and easy to use solution for allowing our users become a part of the community we run directly from their front-end member profiles. And because we couldn’t find anything reliable on the market, we decided to solve this problem ourselves. While there are custom Forms Builders out there that provide individual features, we have built BuddyForms to be a unique all-in-one solution.

BuddyPress was built with community in mind, but when we take a look at the current functionality of BuddyPress, even simple things like blogging have fallen back dramatically, not to mention that users themselves don’t get a lot of room for publishing their own content. BuddyPress should be about community blogging, but as it stands right now it simply isn’t there.

That’s one of the reasons why we designed and built BuddyForms from the very ground up, as the one true front-end CMS solution. We were eager to create something so good, that it would allow us to keep the rest of our site’s functionality intact, which meant that we had to build it in a way where it didn’t interfere with any other plugins we were running on our site at the time.

We are proud to announce that BuddyForms does exactly that — it works out of the box with your favorite post types, custom plugins, and is under full support for WordPress and BuddyPress installations.

We received a lot of great feedback from the community, and it has taken us almost 2 years from start to finish for BuddyForms to become a reality.

With that in mind, we want to express our gratitude to those who have helped us beta test the plugin over time, people who didn’t get tired of us trying to make something that anyone could apply to their community development strategy. All the reports and suggestions we’ve received over the last 2 years have been of immense help to help us understand how to build BuddyForms so that everyone could find use for it.

At times, things were going really slow and we weren’t expecting to have such breakdowns along the way, but we’re grateful for the patience and support from everyone at the BuddyForms team.

Today is the day we celebrate the launch of BuddyForms and mark the date in our calendars as a special day of success and accomplishment.

We are looking forward to sharing more about our journey with BuddyForms, and we look forward to listening to your feedback and ideas so that we can continue to strive and flourish.

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